Wildlife & fox photography

Roeselien Raimond photo art

Wild Red Foxes

Wildlife photography got my interest when I bought my first tele lens, a Canon 300mm f/4 L IS USM.
Or maybe it was the other way around? However, I got addicted right away and the main victims of my passion became wild red foxes. With their wide range of behaviours and highly varying characteristics, they never cease to amaze me. I loved and still love the huge element of surprise that comes with ‘hunting’ foxes. So my fox photography is a continuing project.

There’s more to life than foxes

But, having this said,  there’s more to life than foxes alone and although it’s quite a challenge to resist foxes in the snow, yawning foxes, fighting foxes, very vain foxes or utterly cute fox kits, I do my best to pay attention to the uncountable other little miracles and impressive wildlife in my country as well. We might not have much wildlife in the Netherlands, we have enough beauty to become totally addicted to it, as I did. Like cheeck-blowing pool frogs, disagreeing deer during rutting season, leap-sheeping lambs, cows in the mist, blue moor frog men attempting to seduce them women, yawning tree-frogs, curious Koniks, cute green baby frogs, hopping from blade to blade, hasty hedgehogs running on the road like there’s no tomorrow, Alice in Wonderland-like rabbits, lazy lizards being attacked by mosquitoes and many more… Actually I can’t think of an animal that I don’t love and for me, everything that breathes is worth a thorough study and many photographs. I prefer to immerse myself in animal behaviour. To me, this is much more fascinating than ‘collecting’ as many species as possible. Many of these small and big experiences are available as wall decoration,greeting cards and more.
If you see a photo you like that is not available in my shop, please contact me.