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25. The Great Green Yawn

I bet most fellow nature photographers assumed – just like I did- tree frogs to be hugely enterprising, energetic and cheerful creatures. Skilfully hopping from blackberry to blackberry, climbing in trees like professional circus artists, swinging on stalks, as if they were climbing frames and sliding along thick blades like skilled pole dancers. So I […]

Yawning Tree frog

Corn Poppy Papaver rhoeas klaproos bloem Flower photography

22. Poppies! 2

I love to photograph in my own neighbourhood. Just biking around,the wind in my hair and my bag on my carrier. No train-delay,caused by so called square wheels, cows on the rails or similar excuses. Unfortunately exciting nature is sparse around here. But with a little fantasy and lots of imagination, you can suddenly find […]

78. Samen met Pepijn in het Algemeen Dagblad: Een Plaatje uit Duizenden 28

Gisteren stond ik bepakt, bezakt & ready to go op t station toen ik werd gebeld door Pepijn: P: “Ik krijg net een belletje van het Algemeen Dagblad Ze zijn getipt en willen graag een verhaal + foto over de nominatie voor national Geographic Wedstrijd. De dag begint goed;) Zal ik vragen of je er […]

Young fox cub with prey

13. Fox Cubs (1) 9

It must have been about two years ago when I met my first fox and it was love at first sight. I had always been fascinated by fairytale foxes, so well known for their slyness and intelligence. I’d never have dreamt though, that a real fox could be even much more beautiful, social, creative and […]

11. Rollin Rollin Rollin: Plover Photography for Dummies. 5

Thinking about nature photography you probably picture fresh green meadows, meandering rivers, foggy forests or something like that. At least I did. So when I recently cycled to a deserted piece of land along the highway, my romantic image instantly got killed. This unsightly terrain was supposed to house a most lovely little plover family. […]

Kleine Plevier Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius