dragonflies in back-light 10
On a quiet evening – so quiet that I’d almost forgotten the existence of sound at all- I ploughed through an uninspiring darkness. So dark, that even the memory of light was obscured. All I saw was a bunch of colourless, impenetrable prickly bushes…… …until, apparently out of nowhere, the […]

56. Winged Wonders

Banded Demoiselle calopteryx splendens reflection water 1
The longer you’re shooting, the more you’ll discover what’s your cup of tea and what’s not. Just like the real life. At the beginning, you try everything and just can’t get enough. Gradually, you become more discerning, which helps you to avoid things that just don’t suit you. To quote […]

42. River Pleasure (about Banded demoiselles)

Duckface 3
On one of my bike rides, I came across one of my favorite topics: baby ducklings! Squeaky brakes and a firm jump immediately brought me at duck level. Moments like these must be taken advantage of as baby ducks have a busy schedule and are gone before you know it. […]

32. Ducklings All Ditches United

pink erythrism grasshopper insect rare 6
Not so long ago, one of my photo-pals found a pink grasshopper. I have to admit: his special find made me a little bit jealous. 😉 After all it is just about the closest thing to a pink elephant! At the same time, I realised how rare such a phenomenon […]

31. Mr. Pink: The Pink Grasshopper

Nature works in mysterious ways. Not so long ago, I assumed there were just two options: 1. Eaten or 2. Being eaten Predator or prey…that’s the question. Recently I found out that it can be mutual as well. You eat, while being eaten: fair cross. All right, I might exaggerate […]

23. Don’t Bite The Plant that Eats you…

Corn Poppy Papaver rhoeas klaproos bloem Flower photography 2
I love to photograph in my own neighbourhood. Just biking around,the wind in my hair and my bag on my carrier. No train-delay,caused by so called square wheels, cows on the rails or similar excuses. Unfortunately exciting nature is sparse around here. But with a little fantasy and lots of […]

22. Poppies!

Afgelopen lente en zomer heb ik de macrolens vrijwel niet gebruikt. En eigenlijk is dat jammer, want niets is meer ontspannen dan lekker lui in het gras te dweilen en rustig af te wachten wat er voor je lens langskruipt, zweeft of kronkelt. En als je daar dan ligt, met […]

64. Little Brother’s Watching YOU!

Oorspronkelijk ben ik begonnen met macrofotografie. Deels om budgettaire redenen (een telelens was lange tijd niet haalbaar), maar vooral omdat de microcosmos zo fascinerend is…. Helaas weigert mijn inmiddels antieke macrolens momenteel dienst. Er zat de afgelopen maanden dus weinig anders op dan me dan maar op de grotere soorten […]

32.The One Meter High Club

Degenen die mij al wat langer kennen zullen zich nog wel herinneren dat ik voor al dat vogel-en wildlifegeweld een zeer fanatieke macrofotograaf was. Dit was deels om budgettaire redenen (een macrolens is een stuk cheaper dan een tele), maar vooral ook omdat die kleine natuurwondertjes me altijd gefascineerd hebben. […]

11. Microcosmos