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51. Happy 2017 – Reflections 3

Happy 2017! I wish you all a year in which you can turn dreams into reality. A year that allows you to become, be or remain who you are, a year to tell what’s to be told and to give what should be given. And hopefully this will automatically lead to beautiful creations. For me, […]

Fallow deer in the mist on a foggy sunrise

PhotoFriday 11: Fallow Deer Fawn 2

PhotoFriday 10: Common Sundew (Dros Fallow Deer Fawn (Dama dama)   Did you know…… Fallow deer were first introduced by the Romans into southern England in the 1st century AD. The Normans reintroduced them to Great Britain and to Ireland for the hunt.  

39. Instant Winter 2.0 (About Deer, Birds, Foxes, Winter, Snow & Hoar Frost) 8

Formerly, our winters used to be constructed with care. Some freezing, some thawing. As soon as you had finally dusted your ice skates and dug up your mittens, thaw had already set in. The first ice scraping from your car window, a hopeful little snowman and some modest ski-fever, interspersed with a daunting little thaw […]

Roeselien snow hoar frost rime foxes

63. Burlen, Bronsten en Boze Herten 28

Damherten tijdens de bronst: vlaggend, dreigend, dampend en vechtend.

56. Natte Bambi: Damhertje in het kanaal… 19

Voor trouwe blogvolgers inmiddels al een bekend verhaal, maar bij deze nog even mijn ‘two cents’: Op een fotografieavondje in de duinen liep ik met Peter (nee, niet Polderpeter,een andere Peter dit keer) terug naar de uitgang. We waren redelijk vroeg, zodat we netjes voor zonsondergang buiten zouden zijn. Tenminste….dat dachten we, want dit plan […]