Red Foxes

Red Foxes

Red foxes are good multi-taskers

Roeselien Fine art

Red foxes can jump, run, swim, eat, sleep, groom, hug, hide, play, fight or just sit….
Red foxes climb trees, stroll through the reed, or lie lazily in the grass.
Hunting a mouse, slipping on the ice, frolicking through the sand, running after a rabbit, chasing away a potential competitor, nurturing the cute fox kits or playing with the lovely cubs. Red foxes may joyfully waggle their tails, submissively flatten their ears or defensively arch their backs. They might even fox trot, comparing the size of their mouths. Red foxes can sit as mindful as can be, stretch, yawn and relax like there’s no tomorrow. Just go with the flow.I like foxes from sunrise to sunset, in rain showers, on scorching summer days and in ice-cold snow showers. (already seen my red foxes in the snow?)
I like them in beautiful light, snow-covered scenes and under a rainbow and I like ’em just as much in the dirty mud.
Foxes are adorable, when grooming their fox kits or removing ticks from their partner and utterly cute when nurturing their babies.
They surprise me when they spontaneously do a perfect mouse pounce (that I always miss, due to the same spontaneity) or when they decide to go for a swim. I even like them, when they run away, completely ruining my photo, just when finally, after hours of waiting, everything seemed to come together.
Foxes are beautiful, always.

Comfortably Fox
But when they are totally comfortable, at ease…zen, when there’s nothing to fear, no hunger, cold or pain…that’s when I love them most.
Because….Happy Foxes Are The Best Foxes; Foxes have this talent to relax like there’s no tomorrow. I guess mindfulness must be their middle name and I’m pretty sure yoga and mediation were invented by red foxes.
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