The Fox on the Hill

red fox rime

Formerly, our winters used to be constructed with care; Some freezing, some thawing.
As soon as you had finally dusted your ice skates and dug up your mittens, thaw had already set in.
The first ice scraping from your car window, a hopeful little snowman and some modest ski-fever, interspersed with a daunting little thaw attack. And so, the winter would build up by fits and starts and in the end you could look back satisfied and ascertain that it had really been winter.

But that was before the invention of instant winter!
These endless long and ruthlessly cold winters are sooo nineteen-hundred-something.

New & improved winters easily fit in one morning. Theoretically, they would fit neatly between the morning and evening rush hours, without causing the slightest inconvenience.

Efficiency is key; some freezing, a bit of frost and a touch of white and here’s your winter scene.
It might look like someone hastily emptied a huge bag of Styrofoam balls, but hey: white is white, isn’t it?! White: check, snow: check, frost: check. Fox; check. Anything else?
But mind you, if you blink twice, your winter world will be gone.
Those days of calmly leaking and thawing are over.
Snow-free within no-time.

This weekend we expeienced another instant winter. It started in the morning and it was over before lunch. So more than ever it was a matter of right place right time. Luckily I managed to be there on time and so did the fox!

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