Red Fox Kits

Red Fox Kits / Red Fox Cubs

Framed fineart fox phots

Finding fox frustration

A few years ago, I saw a fox for the very first time and I was hooked.
A few months later I had my first encounter with a fox kit and I was lost 😉
Since then I spent uncountable hours searching for these cute foxy youngsters.
By ploughing heavily packed through the hot sand, in search for a glimpse of them oh so cute fox kits. By joggling for miles, hoping to find that occupied fox den.
When I finally found a used den and allowed myself dreaming of all the cute playing fox kits that I was about to witness, they so often played their old ‘hard to get game’ with me, by just moving without leaving a note. And the great fox kits quest could start all over again….
The senses of foxes are better developed than ours. They see, smell and hear us humans long before we traced them. And in their way they are much smarter, too. So how could I ever win this game, with such tough competition?

Fox kit fine art photography

Just a little help from a fox

At times, I wondered if my chances of finding a fox family weren’t close to zero.
Fortunately, besides skilful and smart, foxes are very kind animals as well and on very few occasions, they helped me by deliberately spreading subtle hints. Like leaving some clearly visible fox droppings, which obviously is a perfect clue! Sometimes I found traces of their presence by the prey remains they left, such as gnawed deer heads or half-eaten mice. And on my best days, I could even see their footprints, directly leading me towards their den.

So cute little fox kits, thank you for helping me find you and for allow me to witness all your wonderful fox adventures.
I could never have done it without you. Fox kits are the best!