Fine-art Nature Photography

The Colour Pink


In colour-psychology, pink is associated with femininity, childhood, love, beauty,, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness and romance. It makes us think of Barbie, a girl’s room, Flamingo’s, Pink Floyd, sunburned skin, pigs, candy and pink flowers.

So far for the toot-cracking sweetness, connected with the colour pink. Nothing sweet about me! 😉
And yet, I love pink. For me, pink is the colour of magical mist mornings or beautiful sunsets, when the whole world seems to transform into one huge pink gradient. But pink makes me also think of fairies and fairy tales and chasing chess flowers.
Pink and purple are the colours of these gorgeous fields of blooming heather…. And pink is, of course, the colour of the erythristic grasshopper, after all the closest thing to a pink elephant! 😀