PhotoFriday 5: Common Starling 7

Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)


Did you know……

Flocks of several thousands of starlings move through the sky, like they are doing a dance together.
They gather around sunset and create complexe shapes.
This phenomenon is sort sol (Danish for “Black Sun”)

If a predator bird enters the flock, the starlings initiate a veritable bombardment with droppings and vomit that soil the feathers of the predator. In rare cases the sticky deposits may render the predator unable to stay airborne. Over 20 years, there have been two confirmed cases of young northern goshawks that drowned because the incident took place over water (Source: wikipedia)

flock of starlings silhouette

Flock of Starling silhouette at sundownCommon Starling (SturnusVulgaris) 

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