More Ducklings, Goslings, Cygnets and Baby Birds

The C-factor

What’s with these goslings, fox kits, lambs, kittens, ducklings, cubs and cygnets?
How can they make us photographers do things, like lying down in the mud and voluntarily crawl through goose shit?
Do they have some kind of supernatural powers..?
They have what all baby animals have: The C(ute)-factor.

And I bet this C-factor is so efficient that it even comes in handy when bumping into a hungry lion. It will instantly forget about its hunger and go ‘aww‘.

I’ve always wondered why they have to change at all. These beady eyes and fluffy fur are just perfect; Never change a winning team, isn’t it?!
(If it wasn’t for the lion)

Unfortunately the C- factor has an expiry date.
Within no time, these funny, jumping lambs will turn into totally sulky sweaters on legs,
The utterly cute baby goslings transform into aggressively honking dinosaurs-in-disguise and your totally irresistible ducklings will become just ordinary ducks, doing nothing but drifting around to pimp up the ditch a bit.
It is hard to understand, how all this future gruffness and dullness is already present within that joyful bouncing little thing.

Fortunately, it will take some time before the metamorphosis will take its toll. In the mean time we can enjoy these little wigglers, running around like the world is the most loving, friendly and safe place ever. And I love to join them in that delusion, for as long as its lasts..;)