Flowers & Fungi


Flowers & Fungi photography

Flower photography art
Flower hunting

Basically, nature photography is hunting without killing. Which makes us, nature photographers, friendly ‘hunters’ in a way.

I don’t kill animals, but I do like the excitement, the anticipation, the crawling through the grass, that comes with sneaking up upon a….
Exactly! You don’t sneak upon a flower or a fungi…..!
And that’s why my main interest goes out to living, moving creatures, like frogs, birds, deer, foxes or insects.
Having this said, flowers can be irresistible beautiful and sometimes they manage to just attract me like a magnet.

And so it could happen that I imagined myself in paradise between the highway and the DIY.
I immersed myself in the world of a carnivorous plant that got eaten itself.
I even went out to chase fritillaries!

So if you think there’s no such thing as ‘flower hunting’…
Think again. 😀