Cute Baby Animals


Baby Animals

I’ve often wondered why these baby animals fascinate me so  boundlessly
No matter if it’s a cute owlet chick, a baby fox kit, a fluffy young gosling , a newborn rabbit or a cygnet…. I just-can’t-resist!

Of course, everyone one likes cute animals, nothing new about that.
But , being a serious nature photographer, you just say ‘aww‘ and move on….towards really cool models like sea eagles, brown bears or foxes.

But not me. I get hypnotised by these huge beady eyes.
I love the eagerness and enthusiasm that come with childhood.
I cherish childlike innocence.
I celebrate enthusiasm and
I value blind faith and unconditional belief.
I smile at clumsiness and I laugh out loud silliness
I highly appreciate playfulness.
I admire naïvety.
I adore frankness.
I love sincerity.
I worship authenticity.

So yeah, I guess I have a weak spot when it comes to baby animals