Red fox in the snow

Bye 2019, Happy 2020 2

The word ‘Boring’ did not appear in my 2019 dictionary. I actually lifted the concept of ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ to a higher level. Rut? That was something I almost longed for. Almost, because actually there was little to complain about. Okay, I could have written some more blogs. But hey, earning my money as a writer / editor isn’t so bad either! Oh and as a professions-collector , I added a new one to my list this year: I became interviewer!And in-between I took some photos as well….


This month kicked off promisingly. Not with a real serious winter, but a penny saved is a penny earned, isn’t it?So instead of putting on my skates, I organized a private bike ride for myself along the bus shelters and oh what fun we had! : D

Ice Crystal
Fun with ice crystals


Then came a gift in the form of snowflakes. Just enough for that ‘oh -that’s-what-a-snowflake looks-like’-feeling …. And just enough to take that one winter photo. That is so nice about photography; 1/320 seconds of snow and 1 cooperative fox are enough for a great photo! In theory, that’s …

Red fox in the snow
All it takes for a good fox in the snow photo is 1 red fox and 1/320s os snow….


In March I received a rather remarkable e-mail. From Huawei. Whether I was interested to photograph for them. That seemed like a plan to me. If they would agree that I could take my driver and personal guide with me on my travel. That was fine, so my boyfriend and I went to Costa Rica.In the very short term, a plan had to be made, a car rented, hotels and tickets booked. Exciting times!

Found my very first hummingbird in Costa Rica; instantly hooked!


This dream came true in April. Of course it wasn’t just a vacation. It was a tough assignment that I had to live up to. But to embark on this great adventure together, to travel through this beautiful country with a 4×4 Jeep …. that was a once in a lifetime chance and I am so glad that we have grabbed it with both hands.

Cute Fox Cub
Red fox cub…does it get much cuter than this..? 😉


In May the fox cubs and goslings showed their best side. And I was informed that my assignment for Huawei had been approved, yay!

Drinking gosling
No matter what baby animals do, sleeping, eating or just drinking…cute overload guaranteed!


Being editor and author for Natuurfotografie Magazine and and moderator for is quite time consuming. And although I love to spend my time with words and photos, I’d almost forget that I’m a photographer myself as well! Fortunately I found some time to study the fascinating world of pink grasshoppers…

Pink grasshopper
Pink grasshopper….it’s not easy being pink…


What a wonderful month to play outside. With foxes, with deer, with everything that volunteers to model for me!

Fallow deer at sunset
Fallow deer at sunset


If you thought the Huawei adventure was an echo from the past, think again. One of the ‘requirements’ of the assignment was that submitting a photo taken with the P30 Pro for a worldwide photo competition. So I did. And guess what: I won …. a Huawei P30 Pro!

Winning fox photo Huawei
Winning fox photo Huawei – Taken with Huawei P30 Pro


I did my very first interview -ever. And although I have always been very interested in people and their soul stirring, I found this extremely exciting. Because … after all, interviewer is a true profession. And just like any other job, you learn through education and or teachers. But I just jumped and learned I could swim. After so many exciting moments, finally time for relaxation. Nice to spend our vacation in the beautiful Greece. Not as a photographers, but just as persons. (although my cam was allowed to travel with me, just in case) How wonderful it is to watch a couple of dragonflies after a perfect day of swimming and snorkeling, just before having a delicious evening dinner…!

Dragonfly in back-light
Dragonfly in back-light – Greece


Of course, I made some time for foxes. And as nowadays we experience spring time in October … a fox with flowers!

fox and flowers
A red fox in a field of yellow flowers


I did three more interviews and hopefully practice will make perfect… Again, little time for photography, but I did not want to miss autumn, one of the most beautiful times of the year! (together with spring, summer & winter). So I spend a wonderful day in the forest in the pleasant company of a fellow photographer.

Autumn forest
Beautifully colored beeches in an autumn forest


Time for another love … drawing. Christmas cards are a perfect excuse to draw and I really wish to do more of that in the new year!

Happy new year!
New year’s card -digital drawing of foxes

And for now: I wish you a very happy, healthy and inspiring 2020!

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