Swan in Winter Mood

Swan in Winter Mood

“Ode to Swans”
Swans are SO strong. I have never seen them actually break an arm, nor do I believe that they would lower themselves to such a thing. But I do think they could…just in case. 😉
In springtime, swans look like dream boats; a floating suit of feathers, where baby swans can play til they drop in an endless soft feather bed …. how cool is that …?!

This in contrasts with the sudden ferocity that arises when facing danger. (or a coot). Running over the water like consummate basilisks and flapping their wings as if they want to break the ditch in half!
Swans are truly magical creatures, gliding over the water surface, as if controlled by something invisible. (which is actually the case)

Pure dignity and calmness. Control to the max.
That’s to say: until you arouse their anger.
Do them injustice, you better hide! Nothing and nobody will stop them.
That whiteness, that grace; almost supernatural purity.
And at the same time there is this dark look; which unfathomable depths lie behind….?

Swans; so soft and yet so strong, so loving and graceful, so ferocious and unpredictable ….
Personifications of contrast.
Never a dull moment with a swan.
And sometimes I wonder … why did nobody ever get the idea to make the swan a symbol of feminity …?

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