Enligthened lamb at sunset

52. Enligthened Lambs

With age comes whisdom (so they say)

Enthusiastically jumping lambAbout five years ago, I stumbled upon my first Levitating Lambs, which made me spontaneously produce a blog about this estranging phenomenon. I wrote about the lambs, climbing the mother sheep, about the huge lamb stack they built, up to 7 lambs high. And about them levitating in the air. Although this events in itself was obviously very remarkable, I simply dismissed it as ‘just a game, played by the rules of lamb-logics’.

lamb cute leap leaping jump jumping spring float levitate play playing sheep

Levitating lambs: Calmly hovering through the meadow…


The Light

How naive was i. And how differently would I have witnessed this, knowing what I know now….
A few weeks ago, I could finally witness another Levitating Lambs show and suddenly …. I saw the light! Climbing the mother wasn’t just a game! That was a run up, to get ahead.
Those crazy lamb jumps, that I had interpreted being pure expressions of springy springtime joy, were serious exercises in the Art of Floating. The floating wasn’t a goal in itself, but a means to … something higher. Not only in literal but also in a figurative sense.


Willow Wool

Doing their lamb leaps, these sheep-to-be tried to escape the dance of daily drowsiness. Would there be a scarier image for a lamb than the idea of ending up being a completely interchangeable bulb of wool on legs? To transform from springy spring buds to dirty, greasy winter sweater… Isn’t that’s the worst nightmare of every enthusiastic little filly…?! To slowly but surely loose their free spirits and to turn into a woolly zombie that follows another, just because that’s what sheep are supposed do?

So these lambs jumped for their lives. Jumped to stay above ground. To Escape the stranglehold of rutting. To stay above the net-squared field. In order not to land and come to the conclusion that they had worn their lives like a brainless lawnmowers.
No, not these frisky little animals. No woolly waists for them! Authenticity above all. They would remain the transformation into a docile fake-goat.
And so it happened that on a beautiful spring evening, I witnessed a group of determined animals that fired the flock and jumped its way to lighting and so my day ended with a golden edge ….

Keep Leaping!

Jumping lambs in the meadow at sunset

Running to escape from the transformation to a woolly sweater on legs

Playing lambs in the meadow at sunset

Of course you can always use your brother for a run-up …

Playing lamb in the meadow at sunset

Practise makes perfect…

Enthusiastically jumping lamb

starting to look like a nice lamb-leap

Jumping lamb in the meadow at sunset

“They say jump, you say ‘how high?'”

Enligthened lambs at sunset

Enligthened lambs

Enligthened lamb at sunset

A day’s End with a golden edge




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