The Fox & Mouse Game 1

Red Fox Portrait with a prey Foxes are famous for their mouse jumps (that’s what it’s called in my language, I have no idea what the official term could be).
With their very sensitive ears, they can hear a mouse, even when it’s hidden under a thick layer of snow.
They listen, prepare…and jump.
The rumour goes that a fox should even be capable of jumping as high as two metres!

I’ve seen foxes leaping a few times, but I never managed to externalize this moment with my cam.
Over the years, I got the feeling that foxes like to jump in private somehow 😉

They do it when you’re looking in another direction for just that one split second.
They do it behind bushes, reed, or any other ugly obstacle.
They do it in the far distance. (At least further than your focal distance allows you to get a sharp picture.)
They do it when there’s no light at all, so they are sure there’s no way you can capture their oh so elegant and acrobatic jump.

This winter I saw a fox and I just knew she was gonna jump and somehow this one seemed prepared to share her jump.

red fox hunting leaping jumping vulpes vulpes snow winter jump

Fox making a mouse jump in the snow, trying to catch a mouse.

It wasn’t the most beautiful jump I ever witnessed, the light was horrible and it’s certainly not the best imaginable picture, but hey….I finally  got my sort of mouse jump….with some snow as the cherry on the cake 😉

Hope you like it .

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