57. Blurred Lines – Autumn 2018 2

Color violence Autumn 2018 immediately stroke me as…different. It somewhat looked like autumn as I remembered, but…those colors! Who pushed that color slider to the right? Who kicked that paint bucket? The colors didn’t overwhelm me….. they overpowered me! Like a bunch of savage warriors, rushing along on an indomitable […]

Orange autumn forest

red fox fight mouths agape vulpes vulpes fighting

19. Fox Trotting and Fox Fighting 10

Although foxes do have a bad image of being these naughty, ferocious animals, I have never, ever seen them show the slightest sign of aggression towards a human being. I have, however, seen some violent behaviour towards other foxes, but only for the very obvious reasons. Naturally, a fox will […]

18. Foxes, Snow & National Geographic 5

As you might have noticed I have this thing for foxes, especially for foxes in the snow… And now National geographic seem to like my fox in the snow as well, how cool is that?! My photo was chosen by the National Geographic jury as one of the nominees in […]

fox snow winter playing flakes cold vulpes vulpes

27. Cows in the Mist. 12

De mensen die mij al wat langer kennen weten het wel: ik ben nogal een nachtbraakster. Voordat ik met fotograferen begon was ik dan ook met geen tien paarden vroeg uit bed te krijgen…. En nóg snap ik af en toe niet helemaal wiens idee het was een wekker midden […]