Enligthened lamb at sunset
With age comes whisdom (so they say) About five years ago, I stumbled upon my first Levitating Lambs, which made me spontaneously produce a blog about this estranging phenomenon. I wrote about the lambs, climbing the mother sheep, about the huge lamb stack they built, up to 7 lambs high. […]

52. Enligthened Lambs

Levitating Lambs   Did you know…… Before lambs turn into these totally boring sweaters on legs, called sheep… …they are utterly funny and totally nuts… ….and play hilarious games like ‘lamb stacking’ ‘sheep leaping’ and ‘levitating lamb’. >> Read more  

PhotoFriday 9: Levitating Lambs

lamb cute leap leaping jump jumping spring float levitate play playing sheep 12
I swear…lambs are totally nuts….! I recently biked along a meadow, when I saw some strange white movements from the corner of my eye. Some lambs were jumping around like crazy and for a moment I wondered if they might be suffering Mad Sheep Disease… But after watching them for […]

16. Levitating Lambs

Echt……lammetjes spóren niet….. Laatst reed ik langs een weiland, toen ik met piepende (fiets)remmen tot stilstand kwam omdat ik vanuit mijn ooghoek rare witte bewegingen zag. In het gras bevond zich een soort schapencommune, met een paar moederschapen en flink wat lammetjes. Maar in plaats gewoon lekker lammig wat te […]

72. Levitating Lambs