Wall decoration fine art
To be very honest, I’m not much of a scenery photographer.
As soon as I see a glimpse of an animal, I know, I feel immediately what I want and how I want it.
Seeing alandscape…I start to wonder:
Should I choose a frog or bird’s-eye view?
Do I pick a tele lens or a wide-angle?
Do I use a wide aperture or better not?
Should I change place or just wait for better light?
All that thinking is not conducive to good photos.

Always take the weather with you

I do like capturing weather though.
Give me some misty polders, heavy snow showers, earth-shaking thunderstorm, sight blinding rain fall,a slightly foggy sunrise,a beautifully clouded sundown, water-scape reflections, a perfect rainbow or that typically hazy autumn mood and my thinking is quickly replaced by enthusiastic clicking.
So, I just always take the watcher with me.