About Roeselien Raimond

Early career

Roeselien at sunset

Roeselien at sunset

Roeselien Raimond is a Dutch photographer, living in one of the most densely populated areas of the Netherlands, where finding nature is somewhat of a challenge.

Professionally, she has always been balancing between art and psychology, having a major fascination for the both of them. Of course nature played a highly important role, too, but nature was just always there, not demanding much attention.

Roeselien in the snow

Roeselien in the snow

In her first job as an Art Therapist, she joined her creative skills and psychological talents and schooling to help people, mainly young children, dealing with their (mental) problems.

Then, the focus shifted towards the more creative aspect and she became a self-educated designer, which resulted in a professional web design career. For years she created beautiful ‘looks and feels’ for happy customers. Logically, the computer consumed more and more of her time and nature constrained to a very modest place in the background.Red fox fine art

Finally the wish to choose her own path, in which nature would play a more important role, proved to be stronger than the prospect of a very lucrative and successful career.

Nature photography & writing

Kingfisher LoveAcrylics on Canvas Kingfisher Love – painting

Photography, next to painting and writing, appeared a good medium to give nature this more prominent place, as she so deserves.
While painting has remained a hobby so far, writing became part of her profession, as Roeselien writes nature and photography related articles for both national and international magazine, like Digital SLR Photography, Huffington Post & www.natuurfotografie.nl.
With the combination of strong lyrics and very expressive images, she offers a high quality, all-inclusive product.

Seduced by the Red Fox

roeselien fjallraven snow

Roeselien & hoar frost

Initially, the creepy crawling micro cosmos inhabitants were the subject of choice. Roeselien enjoyed making the hidden world of insects and their secret beauty  visible.
Until a new, irresistible model appears on stage that manages to win her heart: The Red Fox. Since that day she has studied and captured red foxes in all thinkable situation or behaviour. She surely manages to capture intriguing moments and her photography easily transcends the ordinary. Her work is often described as personal and intimate, as if she captures the individual personalities of the foxes on camera……

photo art wall decorationHer photos give a unique glimpse into a fox life. She portrays them in the snow, with their families and in their most personal moments, when they are sleeping, with a freshly caught prey or while suckling their youngsters.


Buying a Roeselien Raimond

Roeselien’s view on the animal world is widely appreciated, given the many national and international publications and the great interest in her work as fine art wall decoration for both companies and private persons. Many of her photos are available as Fine Art Prints in her shop.

For Roeselien, nature is an endless source of inspiration, that can’t be appreciated enough. Whatever creature she captures, one central theme rules throughout her entire portfolio: Happy Animals are the Best Animals. If you want to see for yourself what she means by that, her Zen Fox Series speaks volumes.

If you are interested in complete series, you might want to visit her theme gallery, in which her Foxy Love, 50 Shades of White and a Touch of Red, Empty Spaces and many other collections are showcased.

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