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One Week Feature / TakeOver @ Discovery Channel Instagram and Facebook





starling murmuration November 2017: “The Murmuration makers” highly commended in Nature Photographer of the Year Contest

Enligthened lamb at sunsetJune 2017: Publication ‘Enlightened Lambs‘ at Huffington Post

About five years ago, I stumbled upon my first Levitating Lambs, which made me so enthusiastic, that I spontaneously produced a blog about it. I wrote about the lambs, climbing the mother sheep, about the huge lamb stack they built, up to 7 lambs high!. And how they levitated in the air. Although this phenomenon in itself was obviously very remarkable, I dismissed it as ‘just a game, played by the rules of lamb-logics.




Fritillaria meleagris snake's head fritillary snake's head kievitsbloem chess flower frog-cup guinea-hen flower leper lily Lazarus bell checkered lily fritillary Flower photography

April 2017 My work for sale as fine art prints at Image Conscious

Proud to announce that my work is now available at Image Conscious, a San Francisco-based publisher and distributor of fine art prints and posters, for 37 years and one of the largest wholesale poster suppliers worldwide. They sell exclusively to galleries, frame shops, designers, art dealers, poster shops, online retailers, OEMs and wholesale framers. Image Conscious publishes quality prints and posters from hundreds of the world’s finest contemporary artists and photographers.


March 2017: Foto presentatie / lezing op PiXPerience NXT LVL

Lezing: What does the fox say

Foto presentatie / lezing Roeselien Raimond

Foto presentatie / lezing op PiXPerience NXT LVL

Praktijkboek Natuurfotografie NXT LVLMarch 2017: Praktijkboek Natuurfotografie NXT LVL



Cover Fox in the Snow Belgian Magazine Landscape VZW

February 2017: Cover LandschapVZW

Latest news facts, interviews & press releases

Zen foxes: The zennest of all red foxes

December 2016: Highly Commended in Lowland Photo Contest 2016

zen fox smiling

August 2016: Article in National Geographic Magazine Poland

Atlas lisiej mimiki. Fotograf udowadnia, że te zwierzęta mają osobowość…


Fantastic Mr Fox

August 2016: Fox Feature @ The Verge

Please enjoy beautiful photos of lil foxes

Eager Fox

August 2016: Mini interview about my fox photography @ My Modern Met

Photographer Captures Distinctive Fox Portraits to Reveal Their Vastly Different Personalities



Fox portraitsJuly 2016: New Article ‘Faces of Foxes’at Bored Panda

Faces of Foxes: about red foxes and their unique personalities











Funny Fox

July 2016: Article about my foxes at PetaPixel

Portraits of Foxes and Their Unique Personalities Explained









murmuration starling sturnus vulgaris sunset flock swarmMay 2016: New Article at Huffington Post

Chaos in Motion: about murmurations & mental processes





Fox-it panel RSA Conference cyber security eventMarch 2016 Fox-it panel at San Francisco RSA Conference

One of my fox photos used for world’s largest cyber security event





Praktijkboek creatieve natuurfotografieMarch 2016 New Book: Creative Nature Photography Published (Dutch edition only)

Proud to have been part of the author team of this wonderful, creative and eye-catching book.




Red Fox Love

February 2016 Valentine’s Day Publication Bored Panda

Foxy Love: Photographer Proves That Foxes Are Extremely Loving Creatures




February 2016 Publication Earthables

Foxy Love: Photographer Captures Powerfully Raw Love Of Foxes


February 2016 Publication 500px ISO

Foxy Love: A Peek Inside the Affectionate World of Foxes

fox vulpes fuchs zorro renard

Oktober 2015

Publication in Metro United States





Wild red fox from zen foxes series photo art fine art

Zen Fox 3.0

Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes) being completely relaxed & comfortable

Oktober 2015

Interview in the Dutch Metro


Interview about the Zen Foxes in the Dutch Metro

Interview about the Zen Foxes in the Dutch Metro

September 2015 Interview at My Modern Met:

Adorable Foxes Captured in Zen-Like State of Bliss

“For years, we’ve been enamored with Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond’s beautiful portraits of foxes. She has a knack for capturing them at just the right moment, showcasing their adorable looks as they go about their daily activities, including traipsing in the snow, wading through a pond, and carefully prowling on a hunt. Her newest series titled Zen Foxes takes a more laid-back look at the creatures, giving us a glimpse at these adorable animals who appear to have reached a state of utter bliss.”

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September 2015

The Independent: Zen Foxes: A photographer is capturing nature’s ‘masters of mindfulness’

“The most beautiful animals are happy animals,” says Roeselien Raimond, a Dutch nature photographer who specialises in capturing foxes at rest.

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September 2015 The Independent: Zen Foxes: A photographer is capturing nature’s ‘masters of mindfulness’

“The most beautiful animals are happy animals,” says Roeselien Raimond, a Dutch nature photographer who specialises in capturing foxes at rest.

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September 2015 121 Clicks: Photographer Roeselien Raimond Captures Beautiful Wild Foxes Enjoying Themselves

Renowned Dutch nature photographer Roeselien Raimond who expert in capturing amazing photos of wild foxes. Below photos are finest example how wild foxes are experts at enjoying the little things in life.

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September 2015 Bustle: Channel your inner zen fox

Never before has the idiom “clever like a fox” carried more credence than now. Thanks to Dutch nature photographer Roeselien Raimond, we all know definitively what we always believed in our hearts to be true: foxes really are brilliant. Case in point? The stunning “Zen Foxes” photo series — which, let’s face it, proves that these adorable creatures have seriously got their lives together.
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September 2015 News: Interview Bored Panda: Zen Foxes: Photographer Documents Wild Foxes Enjoying Themselves

These photos by Roeselien Raimond, a Dutch nature photographer, who specializes in taking beautiful photos of wild foxes, shows how foxes are experts at enjoying the little things in life.

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March 2015 Huffington Post: 10 Wildlife Photographers You Should Follow on 500px Right Now

Whether you’re an aspiring wildlife photographer, an animal lover, or a conservationist who has dedicated much of your life to helping preserve the animal kingdom, these ten 500px photographers offer an endless source of inspiration and beauty through their images.
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Maart 2015 live (NL) is hét online platform (in wording) voor iedereen met interesse in natuurfotografie. Met een unieke combinatie van uitgebreide kennis over de natuur én volop fotografische expertise bieden we toegankelijke en betrouwbare informatie over allerhande natuurgerelateerde onderwerpen, basisinfo voor de beginnende fotograaf en verdieping voor gevorderden, inspirerende voorbeelden, kennis gedeeld door natuurfotografen, nieuws en aankondigingen, praktische tips, verhalen over fotografen en hun projecten en nog veel meer…..


March 2015 Huffington Post: Amazing Levitating Lamb

I swear, lambs are totally nuts! One day, I drovealong a meadow, when I suddenly
saw some strange white movements from the corner of my eye.
Some lambs were jumping around like crazy, and for a moment I wondered if they
might be suffering Mad Sheep Disease.

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December 2014 Bored Panda: 50 Shades Of White With A Touch Of Red: New Winter Foxes By Roeselien Raimond

While the whole world gets absorbed in blankness and the steadily falling snow muffles the sound of my shutter, a red fox suddenly appears on stage.
She embellishes my white canvas so perfectly. Never had I been happier
with a little touch of red in my colour palette
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December 2014 500px: 7 Tips for Photographing Foxes and Other Animals in the Snow

If you’ve seen her majestic photos of foxes in the snow, grinning from pointy ear to pointy ear,
you’ve probably also wanted to know how she captures these shots. In the tutorial below,
she shares 7 useful (and sometimes vital) tips for photographing wild animals frolicking through a white, winter wonderland.

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November 2014 500px: 10 Tips On How To Photograph Foxes

If you’ve seen her majestic photos of foxes in the wild, you’re probably wondering how she does it.
In this story, she shares her secrets on how to photograph these shy, elusive, and nimble creatures.
Read on and be inspired!

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October 2014 Squirting, Spinning, Spitting and Swallowing Spiders @ Huffington Post

“Did you mean: How spiders make babies?
Well, I guess that must be in little brightly lit tents at campsites?”
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September 2014 Huffington Post: Autumn Reflections

Some time ago someone asked me:
How on earth do you manage to write complete stories about…NOTHING?!”
Well…erhm…lots of fantasy I guess…

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September 2014 Interview in Salt Magazine (NL)

A few words about me & my photography  can be read in an interview Salt Magazine did with me a few weeks ago.

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August 2014 Huffington Post: What Does The Fox See?

Everyone knows that foxes are very attractive, proud animals, with their gorgeous fur and the most beautiful bushy tail of the entire animal kingdom.
That gracious body, their long slim legs and pretty pointed snout.
Not to mention these hypnotizing eyes…
Who could resist such overwhelming beauty..?

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August 2014 Blogging for Huffington Post

A few weeks ago Huffington Post asked me if I would like to blog for them.
And I did 😉
I posted Four of my articles up until now and many might follow….


July 2014 News: The launch of

A shiny and new is finally a fact
A completely changed look, a more user-friendly interface and a brand new logo hopefully
contribute to better browsing experience.
Completely new galleries,  containing photos that have never been published before.
So…enjoy 😉


June 2014 Interview Bored Panda: Stunning Wild Fox Photography By Roeselien Raimond

“Foxes, along with cats, are my favorite animals,” Raimond told Bored Panda.
Their depth and uniqueness appeals to me: Every fox is an individual character.
With a fox you never know what they are up to. Will they be hunting, sleeping, swimming…
will they even be there at all?”
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May 2014 News: interview @ 121 Clicks

“Outstanding and out of the world captures of beautiful nature, this is Roeselien Raimond for all of us,
simple and elegant compositions playing a wonderful art touch to these photographs.
Let us listen to her answers while taking a look at her wonderful works.”

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April 2014 News: Photo Exhibition at “The Hollandsche Maagd”

Open Atelier Gouda 2014op 12 en 13 april
Roeselien Raimond exhibits during March and April
On Saturday, April 12, she will be present in person,
to explain her work
and to answer questions.
The exhibition will show a collection of her fox photos.