Lazy fox9. The Yawning Fox
Like most animals, foxes prefer being lazy and don’t tend to waste energy.
Once their stomach is filled and the enemies are defeated, the magic word is chill.


8. Fox Reflections: What doest the Fox See?Fox reflections
…too often, I find them just standing there, gazing over the water surface or peering into the depths
Which makes me wonder: what does the fox say….eh see?


Fox kit7.The new Fox Kit
…I was so happy when I found them and -as you can imagine-I pictured these beautiful endless summer evenings with cute furry fox kits play-fighting in nice warm summer light….


Fox Fighting Mouths agape6.Fox Trotting and Fox Fighting
……Everyone who has seen foxes in this particular pose, will immediately understand where the designation Fox Trot(ting) comes from: they looks like two dancers, dancing for peace.


Waterfox5. Swimming Red Fox
Whether I stumble upon a vixen in the rain, a couple of soaking wet fox kits, a drinking red fox, a raindrop covered coat, a fox wading through a river or a swimming fox crossing a pond….I just can’t get enough…


Submissive fox cub / kit /pup4. Fox Talk (3)
The longer your stay in Fox Nation, the more you will understand their conversations. Of course you will never learn to speak flawless Fox…


Grooming fox cubs3. Reynards, vixens, kits & grooming…. (part 2)
Foxes have been notorious for decades, consistently put down as a symbol of trickery and deceit. Many of us are raised with fairy tales about this…


Young fox cubs / kits2. Fox Cubs (1)
Two summers ago, on one of my fox ‘hunts’, I stumbled upon a little fox cub.
The cub was very shy, the harsh light ruined my photos, but…


Red fox in the snow1. A Fox Fantasy: Red fox in the snow
Around a year ago I had this little dream….to meet a fox some day.
Not only spotting him from a far distance, not catching only…