PhotoFriday 9: Levitating Lambs 1

Levitating Lambs


Did you know……

Before lambs turn into these totally boring sweaters on legs, called sheep…

…they are utterly funny and totally nuts…

….and play hilarious games like ‘lamb stacking’ ‘sheep leaping’ and ‘levitating lamb’.
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lamb cute leap leaping jump jumping spring float levitate play playing sheep

.. there’s enough space for many more lambs. Eventually it became a tower 7 (!) lambs. Unfortunately it crashed prematurely, so I couldn’t take a photo…


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  • Fiona Gardner

    I am the photo editor for Popular Photography Magazine, a magazine with a circulation of 370,000. Our editors are considering a feature on bird photography for the June issue with three different photographers and you made our list. Can you please email me at