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  1. Mr. Pink: The Rare Pink Grasshopper
    “Not so long ago, one of my photo-pals found a pink grasshopper.
    To be very honest: his special find made me a little bit jealous.
    After all it is just about the closest thing to a pink elephant!
    At the same time, I realized how rare such a phenomenon…” 
  2.  If it Walks Like a Goose and it Talks Like a Goose
    “I’ve always loved the saying: ‘If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.’
    Because nothing can argue with that, can it?
    Elaborating on this idea, one could argue, that if…”
  3. Fox Yawns
    Foxes yawn.
    So do we.
    So what?
    Still, yawning is quite luxury thing.
    Being scared, cold or thirsty isn’t a good starting point for a decent yawn.
    Yawning basically requires a really safe environment and a full stomach…”
  4. Ducklings All Ditches United
  5.  Fox Reflections: What Does The Fox See?

  6. Autumn Reflections
  7. Squirting, Spinning, Spitting and Swallowing Spiders
  8. Fifty Shades of White And a Touch of Red; Red Foxes in The Snow
  9. Amazing Levitating Lambs