dragonflies in back-light

56. Winged Wonders 10

On a quiet evening – so quiet that I’d almost forgotten the existence of sound at all- I ploughed through an uninspiring darkness. So dark, that even the memory of light was obscured. All I saw was a bunch of colourless, impenetrable prickly bushes……

…until, apparently out of nowhere, the sun abruptly punctured the dark. Using her rays like long, nine inch nailed fingers, to point out the countless hidden gems….
Wildly pricking around- ‘There’s one here and there and there and there’s another one!’– Lightening up the boring bushes and decorating them with little sparkling winged wonders.
They must have been there before, but I probably got blinded by the mooneye. And when I finally saw the light, I got so hypnotized by this enchanting fairytale world, that I almost forgot to click…

sunset dragonfly


dragonflies silhouttes

A Summer Romance

Dragonflies in the light

Two can Keep a Secret

dragonflfly in summer light

And Then I See a Lightness….

backlit dragonfly

Lady In Red

dragonflies in back-light

Winged Wonders

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