Mother fox and fox kit love

45. Valentine’s Day 2016: Foxy Love 2

Mother fox and fox kit loveI know of no animal that shows as much love and affections as foxes do.
That could be because I know no animal, like I know foxes, but that’s not the point here.
The point is….love.
Foxy love to be more precise.
Foxes are known to be smart, false, deceitful and mean creatures.
A successful character assassination; even I believed it as a child, when reading the famous fox fables.
That was, until I started following foxes and learned to know them very well and found out that love must be their middle name.

Foxes tend to use any excuse for a good cuddle session.
Under the guise of “Shall I remove some ticks for ya?” coats are extensively combed and ears skillfully licked with a 100% pure dedication.Mothers and children, brothers and sisters, vixens and dog foxes…… it’s like a sort of hippy community.
Sleeping for peace and waking up for love ….and prove them wrong!

There’s one thing I can still agree to, regarding the fox fables … foxes are smart indeed!
They understand that it’s love that makes our world go round.
So spread the word…and that (foxy) love ….

And happy Valentine’s Day!

Red Fox Sibbling Love A Red fox mother with her fox kit Red Fox Love and Affection fox sister love Mother fox and fox kit sharing a loving moment
red fox love snow 5_X1B8875_vixen_cub_love grooming love affection red foxes Mother fox and fox kit love red fox love red foxes family kits playing love fun

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2 thoughts on “45. Valentine’s Day 2016: Foxy Love

  • Agata

    Beautiful photos! I followed your page from National Geographic Poland and you surprised me with lots of great captures of foxes live. Great work!

  • Andrew

    They miss not to be a human,
    but maybe you and your wise to bring the right light
    about or easier said to find the correct position for such good motives!
    Any are very photogenically and like the photograph