Early morning autumn forest

43. 2015 in photos 2

Because a photo can say more than a 1000 words, I hereby present you my 2015 in photos:



At least we had some winter and some beautiful mornings in magical misty mood.


Magical misty sunrise on a cold winter morning



We had a few hours of snow. Enough to capture a red fox and a fallow deer in a wintry scene…

Red Fox in the Rime frost winter snow

Red Fox in the Rime

fallow deer snow dama dama winter

Fallow Deer in Winter Wonderland



Spring was the perfect time to play with them cute goslings!

Cute baby gosling

Cute baby gosling



In april I had lots of fun with the chess flowers. Curious how to chase snake head’s fritillaries? Read my story 😉

Snake head fritllary (Fritillaria meleagris)

Snake head fritllary (Fritillaria meleagris)

In may I had the difficult choice beteween my utterly cute newbown kittens and some just as cute newborn fox kits….
Choices, choices…

Cute Baby Kitten

Cute Baby Kitten



Fortunately the fox cubs were prepared to wait and gave me the chance to witness and capture lots of interesting young fox behaviour…

Cute red fox kit

Cute red fox kit


And I happened to stumble upon a cute baby bird that knew how to climb trees like no other, but that’s another story….

Cute baby bird

Cute baby bird



At the beginning of the summer I had a nice refreshing time with the banded damselflies, as written in my River Pleasure.

Banded demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens)

Banded demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens)


And I studied digger wasps….facinating little creatures!

Digger Wasp (Bembix rostrata)

Digger Wasp (Bembix rostrata)



At the end of the summer I was lucky to found some very amusing moths; a hummingbird moth and a Broad-bordered bee hawk-moth and I just couldn’t get enough of them!

Hummingbird moth Macroglossum stellatarum

Hummingbird moth (Macroglossum stellatarum)

broad-bordered bee hawk-moth Hemaris fuciformis

Broad-bordered bee hawk-moth (Hemaris fuciformis)


Oh and i experienced a really nice morning between the purple haze…eh heather.

fine art nature photography

Dewy cobweb in the heather on an early morning



In September the fox kits had grown big, which gave me the opportunity to focus on something else: very active tree frogs!

Climbing tree frog (Hyla arborea)

Climbing tree frog (Hyla arborea)

A few nice misty mornings kept me busy as well.


Magical misty morning



The beginning of autumn was the time to enjouy the fallow deer rutting season. This time I didn’t focus on the fights, but I chose the serene, peaceful moments instead, resulting in this “ZenDeer”.

fine art wildlife photography

Zen deer



Autumn can be windy and rainy, or ….perfect like the most beautiful fairytale. And when this happens, you should be there and be in awe…
So I did.

Early morning autumn forest

Early morning autumn forest



The end of the year offered a wonderful surprise…. Short eared owls were flying and hunting during day time. And the best of all was that this happened not so very far from my house. Happy to be able to play a home match…finally!

Flying short-eared owl (Asio flammeus)

Flying short-eared owl (Asio flammeus)


And for now: I wish you a beautiful, healthy and happy 2016 with wonderful moments and the pictures to prove it! 😉

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