17. Swimming, soaking & dripping red foxes 7

Whether I stumble upon a vixen in the rain, a couple of soaking wet fox kits, a drinking red fox, a raindrop covered coat, a fox wading through a river or a swimming fox crossing a pond….I just can’t get enough…
I Love water, I adore foxes.
So what could possibly be a better combination than a fox …..and something wet?
A fox in the snow perhaps, but since snow is just frozen water, I rest my case 😉

Here are some of my wet fox moments.
Hope you enjoy them them, like I did….

red fox vulpes vulpes vos water river reflections

Red fox standing along the waterfront, reflected in the water


red fox vulpes vulpes vos water wet

Fox wading through shallow water

red fox vulpes vulpes vos water rain summer breeze

Mother and fox kit grooming during a summer shower

red fox vulpes vulpes vos water shaking drops movement

Red fox shaking the drops from his coat after a dip in the stream

red fox vulpes vulpes vos water drinking

Drinking young fox

red fox vulpes vulpes vos water rain soaking

Soaking wet fox kit during some heavy raining

red fox vulpes vulpes "swimming fox" water stream wet

Swimming fox crossing a stream

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7 thoughts on “17. Swimming, soaking & dripping red foxes

  • happy girl

    These pictures are absolutely amazing, I love your work and hope that you’ll continue with it ^^ (especially the foxes XD)

  • sketchlark

    Such crisp shots! The mother fox and her kit picture is just so perfectly sweet. >w<
    Foxes are so cool. It's cute how they always look like they're smiling. Too bad I've only seen one fox in real life. It was at universal studios, during the tram tour around the Hollywood sets. There were millions of cute bunnies around. I guess the fox doesn't go hungry? xD

  • Mori

    That first one looks like it has a really interesting tail marking, with extra white. Not sure if that’s the lighting or something, but I think it’s awesome that foxes have such beautiful, variable coats. I saw one quite recently that was red on its forequarters and black on its hindquarters, it was gorgeous.

    Amazing photos as ever! My absolute favourite is the movement shot of the shaking fox. <3

  • Ed

    Hoi Roeselien …. als natuurliefhebben en amateurfotograaf heb ik me lopen vergapen aan je vossenfoto’s ..
    Afgelopen vakantioe op de veluwe heb ik tot 3 x toe vosjes in de tuin gehad , en kon het niet over mijn hart verkrijgen dat te verstoren met een onverwachte beweging … 30 minuten met mijn adem in spaarstand intens genieten .. dit is het toetje bedankt daarvoor …
    Een tip however .. je hebt het over een vos in swallow water .. dat moet dan shallow zijn … mijn oog viel er toevallig op …. kom zeker nog eens terug om ook je andere foto’s te bewonderen …